Bali, Indonesia

Bali, an island in Indonesia more recently put on the map by the movie, Eat, Pray, Love, is where so many have settled down and found their home at. Quickly attracting more and more tourists every year, the notoriety is for good reason. Bali is such an amazing island, filled with friendly people, incredible massages, and breath-taking views. It has an incredible health-conscious and yoga loving community as well, if that’s your thing. I spent a week here, and that was not nearly enough. I am already looking to return, and this time, with an empty suitcase since I could hardly contain myself with all the shopping I did the first time around.

Fun Fact: there are several hike-able active volcanoes in bali

When to go: April, May, June, and September are the best time to avoid the high tourist seasons

Where to Stay: For a quiet and relaxing stay, I recommend Ubud. For the party-goers, I recommend Seminyak. Plenty of nice places on AirBnb. Use this referral credit to get $40 off your booking.

Modes of Transportation:
Hired driver (AC vehicle $30-50/day), or rent your own scooter.

How Many Days to Spend: At least a week.

Safety: It is relatively safe to walk around alone, but shopkeepers tend to be a little aggressive, and taxi owners (back of someone’s bike) will hassle and call out to you non-stop.

What to Wear: Keep in mind that this island is extremely humid, and hot, so dress comfortable and accordingly. It does rain quite often, so I’d recommend fast-drying clothing.

Tip: Bring spare change and toilet paper with you. Toilets and TP are not free. Also, buy bottled water, and don’t get ice in anything, since the water may be contaminated. I took charcoal pills religiously to avoid any stomach issues, since Bali-belly could be life-threatening and put a damper on my trip!

Discover this beautiful island

Check out the temple right in front of the Denpasar airport
Stop by the Bali Swing
Catch the sunset at Tanah Lot
Wander down the road to the Banyumala Twin waterfalls
Walk through the beautiful Tegallalung Rice Fields
Soak in the hot spring by the Mount Batur Volcano
Enjoy the view of Uluwatu at the Coast of Bali
Trek up Mount Batur
Visit the infamous Bali Gate
Hike and enjoy the beautiful Banyumala Twin Waterfalls

Fun things to do in Bali

Nusa Penida
Nusa Penida Island

1. Take a ferry to Nusa Penida for the day, and swim with sea-turtles and snorkel to see beautiful corals and fishes for the day. Make sure to check out this breath-taking view. Don’t forget the sunblock, motion sickness medicine, and bring your hiking sandals, because the stairs of Kling Kling Beach are very steep. If you’re looking to see the underwater Buddha, it will also be here. Seeing it is a little puzzling, and eerie. 

2. Check out: Gili Islands if you have a few days to spare, and want to experience the ultimate laid-back, do-nothing island experience with an amazing view.

3. Go shopping – Find gems everywhere you go. Test out your negotiating skills with the vendors, or walk away, and watch them drop their prices instantly.

4. Plenty of temples to visit in Bali. Don’t get templed out and pick the ones that stick out the most to you. There are a few notable ones like the Tirta Empul, and the Tanah Lot.

5. Get a Balinese massage – Extremely affordable ($10-15/hour, and it is impeccable!). 

Some massage packages include a flower bath!

Other Discoveries

Walk through the Sangeh monkey forest in Ubud. They are extremely curious, and can be aggressive, especially if you have food or small things on you, so be cautious of being scratched or bitten.

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