Being one degree North of the equator, Singapore remains warm all year long, making it an ideal vacation spot for tourists. Shopping and local food are abundant on this island. In a country full of diverse cultures, with people originally from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and the Philippines, English is still the main language here. I’ve lived here for a decade, and much has changed since the 90’s. The cost of living is just as high, the food is just as amazing, and it is more beautiful than ever. 

Fun Fact: chewing Gum is illegal.

When to go: Anytime! although it rains occasionally, it's bikini weather in this paradise nearly all year long.

Where to Stay: 

High Roller: Marina Bay Sands for the beautiful infinity pool overlooking the skyline of Singapore
Budget Friendly: Met a Space Pod for the cool futuristic experience at a capsule hostel

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Modes of Transportation:
MRT, Bus, Taxis

How Many Days to Spend: 2 days

Safety: It is an extremely safe city to walk around alone, even as a woman.

What to Wear: Keep in mind that this country is extremely humid, and hot, so dress comfortable and accordingly.

Discover the city with your stomach

Roti Prata - Best flatbread with egg I've ever had paired with a side of curry.
Hai Nan Chicken Rice - Delicious chicken paired with amazing soup.
Soursop on Ice - Tasty fruit on ice that's tough to find anywhere else.
Sugarcane Juice - Freshly squeezed and so refreshing any time of the year.
Famous Amos - Freshly baked cookies that are simply delightful. Every one of these bite sized cookies have a toffee aftertaste, and are so different than the regular pre-packaged Famous Amos cookies found at the grocery store.
Black Current Flavored - Fruitips chew candies (I've only seen it in some SE Asian countries, and in the Netherlands) & Fisherman's Friend cough drops (I've only seen this flavor in Indonesia, and Thailand)
Yong Tau Foo - If you're in the mood for a warm bowl of noodles with self-picked toppings, this would be the perfect food for your belly. Don't forget to add the sweet dark Hoisin sauce for your tofu toppings.

Fun things to do in singapore

Helix Bridge

Check out the Gardens by the Bay in the day time. It’s otherworldly.

Catch the Gardens by the Bay light show in the evening.

Other Discoveries

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