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The adventurous spirit desires for the freedom to sometimes let our souls soar high like an eagle, and other times to simmer down to feel the earth between your toes. In Dubai, you have the opportunity to do both, and everything in between.

We think of Dubai as a city of luxury and extravagance. It welcomes visitors with the notion that the possibilities for a thrill is endless. It draws in her guests in a dreamlike fashion, and extends the blanket of comfort in the form of lavishness in all sense of the word. There is nothing short of grandeur in every part of the beautiful city.

Dubai is on the emirate’s northern coastline, and is home to the most iconic man-made palm-shaped archipelago, the Palm Jumeirah. The bird eye’s view from above is sensational, with the vast ocean glistening in the sun, and the colors of the sunset reflecting off the impressive architecture carefully decorating the city. On the apex of the Palm Jumeirah lies the stunning luxury hotel resort, Atlantis, The Palm, known for the novelty of their underwater suites and their waterpark. The resort boasts of their ability to immerse you into their dream world and show you a majestic world of their own.

Dubai, also known as the City of Gold, has lived up to its name by building itself up as the center of the gold trade. It has made itself one of the most cost-efficient places to purchase gold with its tax-free status. It worked its way to develop into a prosperous city center after oil was discovered in the 60’s. To be swept off your feet and be engulfed by the extravagance of this city is incredibly easy. Dubai strives to capture your heart with the extraordinary things that human hands can build. The majestic skyline of Dubai alone comprises of the awe-inspiring Burj Khalifa, towering over all the buildings around it, and continues to bring millions annually to see all 163 levels of this massive structure.

A day in Dubai can start from above all the buzz below by skydiving, overlooking the unbelievable palm island. Jumping out of an airplane and seeing all of man’s creation, you will find that appreciation of how serene everything is from above. Away from all the traffic, and simply being able to admire the city as a whole. This activity will deliver the adrenaline rush and ensure the thrill of excitement. The picture of your descent down on a parachute with the Palm Jumeirah as the backdrop will be the highlight of your trip.

You can also explore the many desert dunes that allow for a different type of thrill. With a desert safari tour, the possibilities are endless with adventure waiting for you at every turn. Starting with what feels like a rollercoaster ride, a desert safari tour takes you on a wild ride through the desert sand in a Land Cruiser. You will likely scream in delight as your driver takes you on the wild excursion. It will lift you up and off your seat as the car skids and shifts up and down in the sand, keeping you on the edge of your seat as your excitement heightens with every increase and decrease to the speed of the car. If this sounds like your type of fun, you will also have the opportunity to sandboard, ride a camel, or hold a Peregrine falcon to name a few on this tour. Art lovers can also get a simple henna tattoo to adorn for a few days.

Dubai’s desert safari tour offers a Middle Eastern influenced dinner as they try to immerse you into the Bedouin culture of the U.A.E. The exquisite and homely open tents, lined with thick, colorful Turkish rugs, and layered with Kilim pillows draw you in as the sun descends, the air cools, and the nightfall slowly changes the colors of the Arabian desert. The buffet style meal includes a hearty selection, reminiscent of an impeccable home-cooked meal. Not only will your stomach be sated, your eyes will also feast on the incredible performances of the whirling dervish, fire dancers, and belly dancers, as you sit back into your seat cushions on the ground of the tent with your shoes off and your legs crossed. This journey is not one to easily be forgotten.

At the end of your visit to Dubai, you will cherish the many possibilities of this city, and you will find that it has taken a place inside your heart that you will always remember. This memory will reside in you, and bid you to return again soon, for there are endless adventures that awaits you in Dubai.

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