Published piece: US citizens from certain states will need a passport to travel domestically in just two months

IF YOU’RE NOT a hard-core globetrotter, but still enjoy exploring the national parks throughout the year, flying to Vegasfor the weekend, or have plans to visit out-of-state family for the holidays, then you need to be aware of the changes for US citizens traveling domestically in just two months from now.

In 2005, the United States passed the REAL ID Act mandating that all state-issued identification be compliant with their minimum security standards meant to improve the validity of an ID by adding security markings. States have been given over a decade to phase in compliant IDs, with over half of the United States given extensions to achieve compliance. What this means for you is that if your state-issued ID, such as your driver’s license or your identification card, is not compliant, TSA will no longer be able to accept them for domestic flights come October 10th, 2018.

These security measures only matter if you’re flying in a regulated commercial airplane domestically, and will not apply to you if you’re boarding a bus or train throughout the United States. If your state has received an extension, it’s up to the discretion of the Secretary of Homeland Security to decide whether or not it’ll be renewed — but why take any chances when you have time to apply for a passport?

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