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Adrenaline kicks in the moment you drive through the gates of the speedway of Exotics Racing, and the roar of the engines zipping by fills the air. Less than an hour out of LA, Exotics Racing is a place where countless memories are made, and where dreams come true. This has become the holy grail in which thrill seekers can race their dream car and push it to the limits. Where speed limits don’t exist, you can truly experience what it’s like to track a supercar with the sound guidance of a professional driver. 

Tracking a Ferrari has always been a dream of a friend of mine, and I was happy to make that dream come true for his birthday with Exotics Racing. This event took approximately 2 hours from check-in to check-out, with staff that all greeted us with a smile, and looked genuinely happy to be there. It was such a lovely experience that I would be happy to recommend others to partake in. We went on Father’s Day, and there were definitely a lot of smiling fathers walking around. I would definitely love to come back to Exotics Racing for an experience of my own in the future. 

Look ma, no hands.

What to expect:

1. Sign liability waivers – Arrive about 15 minutes prior to your event time to fill out digital waivers. Make sure to wear closed-toe shoes if you’re a driver.

2. Check-in with your driver’s license – This is your time to purchase additional laps or ride alongs.

3. Time to check out the other cars available – Feel free to sit in any of the beautiful cars in their lot and dare you dream of the possibilities.

4. Technical briefing – You will be given instructions on how to properly make high speed turns on the track, and shown a hype video. The instructor will also give you a breakdown of what’s to come.

5. Track discovery laps – This is more exciting than it looks, since most people have no idea that a SUV can be driven so aggressively. This definitely gets your adrenaline pumping, as you are shown visually how to best navigate around the track. Once to explain the possiblities, and the second, to actually experience.

6. Helmet fitting – This is just to ensure your safety, and that the helmet isn’t too big for the tight space in the car of your choosing.

7. Your driving experience! – You will be greeted by your driving instructor who will give you tips and guide you through your laps. And.. it’s go time! We chose 7 laps on the Ferrari 488 GTB, and it all went by so fast! 

Ferrari 488 GTB

8. Check out your on-board video – Once you are all done, you will get to see your on-board video, which also includes your reactions and how fast you went. Links to your video will be emailed to you in a few business days if you purchased the onboard video. There is also an option to purchase a USB to receive it right away.

110+ mph
Show stopper of the event
Excuse me while I drive this home.
Fine.. I guess I'll just have to come back for this one.


-Bring your own water
-There are only port-a-potties on site

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