8 Unique Places to Visit in Los Angeles

Chances are, you’ve already gone through an overwhelming list of places to visit in Los Angeles, many of which include beaches, or the typical touristy options. We have a huge number of gorgeous beaches in Los Angeles, but here is a compilation of 8 unique places to visit in Los Angeles – the unsung places that make for the perfect and unique rendezvous.

1. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

I’ve always been a huge advocate of museums for dates. All parties get to learn and have something to take away from after the end of the visit. This one isn’t as elaborate as the one in New York, but it is definitely still worth adding to the list of unique places to visit in Los Angeles. There are also special exhibits once in awhile, and the last one we just visited did a feature on tattoos.

2. Oue Skyspace

I am a huge sucker for rooftop views, and despite having a cluster of buildings and horrendous traffic in Downtown LA, we don’t really have too many tall skyscrapers, so I think this is a neat find and a great addition to the list of unique places to visit in Los Angeles. This is located at the top of the US Bank building, and even has a see-through short slide on the side of the building. Emphasis on short, but still super fun! Come right at sunset to witness the gorgeous change of colors as the sun sets. 

3. The Aquarium of the Pacific

Having visited a few times before, it’s refreshing to see new exhibits and entertainment this time around, and a great addition to the list of unique places to visit in Los Angeles. From the age-old animal encounters and interactive touch pools, where you can have a chance to touch stingrays and leopard sharks, the aquarium has a good selection of aquatic animals you can admire, and interact with. I have always enjoyed watching the jellyfish pulse and dance across my eyes through their lightly illuminated glass. On this visit, to my surprise, the aquarium opened up a small section to allow visitors to touch and feel the beautiful, mindless creatures as they swim around. Although this was an amazing opportunity for people to interact with the animal, I found this exhibit to have a lack of instructions on how to care for these animals. I found that numerous jellyfish were hurt, and had scratches or even holes on their bodies. When touching them, be mindful to be gentle, and not to lift the jellies out of the water. 

4. The Last Bookstore

A quaint 2-story bookstore to take any book lover. Explore this amazing bookstore that even has a vault of classic books and rare finds, making a great inclusion to the list of unique places to visit in Los Angeles. They feature art displays made entirely out of books or pages from books, and also have shelves of books categorized by colors! 

5. Vista Hermosa Park

Sometimes simplicity really is the best approach. A picnic or walk through Vista Hermosa Park is sure to bring out a new found appreciation for your visit in Los Angeles. It overlooks the skyline of DTLA, and gives you a great chance to breathe in fresh air, and people watch.

6. Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

Test out your endurance, or break in those new shoes. There are 282 steps on the Culver City stairs, and are not for the weak of heart. My old-man knees would not let me complete the challenge, but it’s a gorgeous view of and an excellent place to visit in Los Angeles regardless.

7. The Heritage Square Museum

Hidden from the busiest parts of Los Angeles, this small historical space with beautiful houses and architecture takes us back into the 19th Century. Their daily tours offers a look into the houses and the lives of people during the Victorian Era. I enjoyed the last part of the tour the best, which took us into a Colonial Drugstore, adding this to one of the most unique places to visit in Los Angeles. All proceeds go to restoring these buildings, so your visit helps keep history alive.  

8. Huntington Library

A magnificent place with special exhibitions, art collections, a library with rare books, and the most beautiful of all, their gardens. This wonderful addition to the list of unique places to visit in Los Angeles features a Japanese Garden, a California Garden, a Desert Garden, a Chinese Garden, and many more.  “Free days” are available on the first Thursday of each month.

Runner Ups: The Griffith Observatory and the Museum of Death.

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