10 Things to do in Vegas besides gambling

The first thought of things to do in Vegas usually starts with gambling, but there is much more to this vibrant city that can be enjoyed by anyone. 

1. Visit the Mob Museum

Who doesn’t love a little history about organized crime? This museum features the doings of the Underground, and attempts to give the audience the experience of the realities and consequences of lawlessness from both sides of the battle. They have exhibits on the Prohibition-era, and give the opportunity to explore actual events that took place with different features of memorabilia from the Mob. 

2. Shoot at Battlefield Vegas

The biggest adrenaline rush of all time, and well-worth the visit. You can shoot anything from a mini-gun to a machine gun, or even crush a car with a tank. Battlefield Vegas has friendly instructors and will even pick you up on a Humvee. 
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2. Catch a Cirque du Soleil show

Fancy a bit of theatrics? ‘O’ by Cirque du Soleil showcases a beautiful aquatic show unlike any other. It touches the very senses inside you, with the acrobats, and the talented swimmers that come together to make a magnificent performance that is as breath-taking as it is entertaining. 

4. Go see a concert

Whether it’s rock music, rap, EDM, or even pop, there is something for everyone every night. Being out and about in Las Vegas is the best place to enjoy live music. 

This Incubus show was at the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel and Resort, and the acoustics were amazing. 
Dip it low for Diplo

5. Experience Las Vegas from a helicopter

FlyNYON allows for a doors off helicopter ride so you can take all the shoe selfies you want. This view of Vegas from above is the only way to see the beautiful lights of the Strip in all its glory. 

6. Snowboard at Mt. Charleston

Just less than an hour drive away from Las Vegas, Mt. Charleston boasts a beautiful ski-resort that is about 25 degrees cooler than the rest of Nevada. My last visit in 2011 was gifted with 7 feet of fresh powder.

7. Tour the Grand Canyon

For the nature-enthusiasts looking to get away from the rush of the Strip at Las Vegas, Grand Canyon tours are available to whisk you away for the day. These tours often include the Hoover Dam, Skywalk, and Route 66.

Photo by Murray Foubister

8. Take a walk down Fremont Street

Said to be the home of the World’s largest LED screen, Fremont Street is the IT place to go outside the Strip. Located in the heart of downtown Las vegas, Fremont Street vies for the attention of those of the Strip.  

Photo by Fremont Street Experience

9. Tour the Neon Museum

An outdoor museum of vintage neon signs, this is a more unique place to see on your visit to Las Vegas. It features restored signs from hotels to casinos, and is an insightful blast to the past experience.

Photo by The Neon Museum

10. Seven Magic Mountains

These fascinating limestone boulders were 5 years, and more than $3 million in the making by Artist Ugo Rondinone. They are all about 25-35 feet tall, and features bright, fluorescent colors that draw attention even from afar. 

Photo by Seven Magic Mountains

Do you have anything to add to this list of things to do in Vegas besides gambling? Let me know in the comments below.
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