5 Things to expect at Battlefield Vegas

If you find that there’s anything missing in your life, you will dig deep in search for answers. You will search high and low and still feel an essential part of you missing something. You may be content, but feel the nagging lack of excitement, perhaps. Your life feels mundane, and mediocre at best. Everything changes when you come across Battlefield Vegas. You will find just the right burst of adrenaline rush. You will see pictures, and the shooting packages they offer, and feel the sudden rush of excitement in your life again when you make your decision on what you’d like to shoot. You finally snicker and grin as you envision yourself with these powerful weapons in your hands. You will feel power, and the thrill when you finally place your finger on the trigger, and fire away. You will breathe a sigh of relief, having finally found what is missing in your life: Battlefield Vegas. Here are some of the things to prepare you for your once in a lifetime experience at Battlefield Vegas – The most invigorating time of your life.

1. Be prepared to be rattled around in a Humvee

You can now ride in a humvee without enlisting in the military. It’s a bit of a bumpy ride, but getting picked up from our hotel and transported directly to Battlefield Vegas was pretty badass. In the middle of winter, the windchill was relentless within the humvee, but I would expect no less than the full experience of being shuttled to and back from Battlefield Vegas in one. 

2. You can crush a car with a tank

Talk about feeling power between your legs. The sheer size of driving this monster is the ultimate dream for some, but to be able to destroy a car with one is unthinkable. At Battlefield Vegas, not only can you fulfill this lifelong fantasy, you can also immortalize this moment with pretty badass footage of you doing this, all without the hassle of the 5-0.

3. Shoot a Mini-Gun

This mini-gun shoots 4000 rounds in a minute, and is the definition of earth-shattering. Despite the name, this baby is not mini at all, and is usually fired out of an aircraft, and the sound of this alone is sure to make your socks fly off. Battlefield Vegas boasts the only location that has this available for shooting for the public. Below is the video of the sound of it blowing my M249 out of the water.

4. Shoot a machine gun

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to shoot a machine gun. Despite the Mini-gun showing me up, shooting the M-249 was easily the best sensation in the world. It went by so quick, and I would love for the opportunity to feel so much power in my hands again. 

5. Check out their drool worthy gun display

I shot 4 other semi-automatic weapons, and coming from California and our gun laws, this whole experience was exhilarating. The instructors were friendly, answered any questions I had, and I felt taken care of. This beast below is a display only, but definitely fascinating to look at. They even made a reference to District 9, which is pretty awesome. 

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