A Once in a Lifetime Experience at the Skylodge Adventure Suites

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to hang out on the side of a cliff and just marvel at the beauty of Sacred Valley? I have, and on this trip to Peru, I made sure to do just that thanks to Natura Vive.

To reach the Skylodge Adventure Suites, or the “Million Star Hotel,” you must either climb up 400 meters of Via Ferrata, or you can hike up a trail, but trust me, you don’t want to miss the Via Ferrata ascend, or the zip line descend. You have the option to stay overnight at the lodge and fall asleep under millions of stars through the clear pods, or you can simply have lunch at the cafe. The lodge is booked for months out at a time, so I opted for a lovely lunch before descending the mountain on 6 zip lines.

Notice the clear pods at the top right of the mountain

Climb the Via Ferrata

Get outside your comfort zone and climb up 1,312 feet/400 meters of via ferret (means: “iron path” in Italian) with minimum equipment. You will have the opportunity to reach sections of the mountain without prior rock climbing experience. This way of climbing is most popular in the Alps, to reach mountain ranges otherwise inaccessible. The guides are knowledgeable, and will assist you with the harness, helmet, via ferrata lanyard, zip-line set and gloves. 

I would not normally consider myself an outdoorsy or sporty person, but I definitely enjoy a good or unique adventure. Climbing up the metal stairs embedded into the rocks was an experience in itself. I was no longer afraid of heights, but being so high up on the side of a cliff will really get your heart racing. My harness had carabiners that clip onto the cable that ran along the route, so my safety was ensured, even if I were to fall off for any reason. I had attached a lanyard to my phone, so I was able to sneak pictures mid-climb. The views were nothing short of incredible.

Horizontal climbs
View from directly under me

Zip line down the mountain

After enjoying my delicious boxed lunch (sandwich, fruit, nuts, and chocolate), I was ready for the second half of my adventure. I took 6 different zip lines down the cliffs that ranged anywhere from 492 feet to 2,296 feet/150 meters to 700 meters. I have never zipped lined before, so this was such a thrill. It goes by quick, but seeing the valley from all these vantage points was spectacular. 

Spend a night in a clear capsule on the side of a cliff

If you would like to stay at the lodge, make sure to book your reservations far in advance, because it is an intimate experience, where only 8 people can stay at a time in 3 of their exclusive clear capsule suites. The capsules do give a 300 degree view of the Sacred Valley, and their packages include breakfast, and a dinner paired with wine. 

Photo: Skylodge Adventure Suites/Natura Vive

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9 thoughts on “A Once in a Lifetime Experience at the Skylodge Adventure Suites

  1. It was wonderful to have met you and I am so impressed at your travels and website! You are a talented writer; I feel like I am with you as I read :)!

  2. I’m going to Machu Picchu n April! And me and my friend wants to try staying at Skypod. I’d been watching videos, I do some hikes but I am scared since I haven’t done climbing up. How’s the experiemce! I know u can hold on something and have a harness but s it not scary? My legs might buckle, shake and I cannot walk anymore. Any thought

    1. Hi Hariet,
      Just do it! You are going to have so much fun climbing up the via feratta. You knees will shake, even with the harness, but it will be a once in a lifetime experience. It’s a beautiful place, and I loved every moment of it up there.

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