Lima, Peru

I stayed in Mira Flores when I was in Peru, right by the beach. There was a large cliff, so even though it looked as if I was a block away from the shores, it was a little further away to get down from the cliff. I went in the middle of the Peruvian Winter and it was a little chilly, and the sky stayed grey and overcast the entire day. I think it might have just been pollution though. The traffic in Lima was outrageous, making a trip anywhere longer than estimated.

Food: Canta Bana- I had the best ceviche I’ve ever had in Lima, paired with sweet potatoes.
Shopping: Terrific at the Indian Market (prices better than in Cusco).
Av. Petit Thouars 5321 – Miraflores
Visit: Park of the Reserves was such a lovely place to visit – like a little waterfall based theme park for dates. 

Topiario de Corazones
Fountains at Parque de la Reserves
View of the beach from Larcomar
When the crossing man is green and counting down, you can walk; When the crossing man is red and counting down, it's counting down to the time when you are allowed to walk
Ceviche with sweet potato and corn - Best I've ever had
The Incan version of Coca Cola
Delicious Picarones - fried dough with syrup
Virgen Milagrosa Parish

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