Mykonos, Greece

September – October 2017

Dubbed the island of winds, Mykonos is known for their beautiful architecture and windmills. I spent 3 days in Mykonos, and calling it the island of the winds has never been more accurate. The winds are strong enough to blow unsuspecting hats and scarves away. Capturing a photogenic picture without a face full of hair is definitely a challenge. The views are incredibly breath-taking, along with the waves that crash so high up on the port, they managed to wet a part of my shoe when standing by the edge of an ocean-view restaurant (definite splash-zone). Little Venice was my favorite little part of the town, with beautiful little walkways that all looked alike to get lost in. This part of town reminded me so much of Taipei, with little shops up every nook and cranny of every alley. I could’ve shopped for hours, with every piece of clothing, or jewelry drawing me into the shops. The older Greeks are so friendly, wanting to converse at any opportunity, and tell you stories about their past.


How to get there: By plane, or ferry. I took a 3.5 hour ferry from Santorini to Mykonos. A cheaper alternative than the plane, but definitely the most chaotic to get in and out of. They gave the entire passengers of the large ferry 10 minutes to get on before departing rapidly, with sirens blaring through the speakers the entire time. It almost felt like the sirens were to signal an emergency evacuation, and we had to run in and out of the ferry to save our lives.

How to get around: Walking around was entirely doable since we stayed by Fabrica bus station. There were shops every part of the way to Little Venice and the Old Port, so the walk wasn’t tough at all. The winds will get you though, so bring a windbreaker and something to keep your hair in check.

Food: Gyros and seafood everywhere. They say you don’t pay for the food here, but rather for the view, and it’s entirely accurate.

Things to do: Stop by the windmills. There are cars so dusty that they have dust-graffiti covering the car entirely.
I participated in none of this so I can’t attest to this, but for those into partying, this is said to be the town to do it at.

Walking around feeling like a Greek goddess

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Dare I say that this could possibly be the stairway to heaven?

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