Cabo San Lucas, Baja California

August 2017

In dire need of a quick get away, I managed to book a cheap last minute flight to Cabo San Lucas for a week. In doing my initial quick search of this city, it didn’t look like there was a lot to do at Cabo but relax, but I was determined to find something that would satisfy both my adventurous needs and my need to unwind. Being situated directly on the beach with the ocean view at Grand Solmar Land’s End resort, I wanted to take advantage and focus on water sports. I had 7 days there, so I really wanted to make my little get-away count.

Infinity Pool

Top 3 Things to Do in Cabo

1. Glass Bottom Boat Trip – This was where I took a wonderful glass bottom boat trip along the coastline of Cabo. I wanted to cover all the iconic must-see places in one trip, so this was the perfect way to start my morning. I have done this in Indonesia before, but this boat was definitely larger and steadier. It was about an hour tour, and quite sufficient for me, and the boat had shade, which made it a really enjoyable trip that had a nice breeze. The guide was knowledgeable and pointed out each location, and gave us opportunity to stop and take photographs that we wanted. We covered all the beautiful scenic locations such as the Arch of Cabo, Land’s End, Lover’s Beach, and Divorce Beach.
Company: Aries Water Sports
$15 USD if you book it there, and $10 USD if you book your reservation online

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Fish swimming under our boat

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The captain made sure to get as close to the key hole of the Pacific as possible.


The Arch

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Neptune’s Finger


Fishes by the boat

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2. Parasailing – Wanting to see Cabo from a different vantage point, and having such wonderful guides from the boat trip, I opted to parasail with Aries Water Sports as well. I was extremely nervous, having a fear of heights, but the take off and landing was so smooth that I hardly felt anything. In fact, it left me wanting more. This was a peaceful 15 minute trip in the air, but more than enough for an experience. Keep in mind that you have to be at least 160 lbs to ride by yourself.
Company: Aries Water Sports
$50 USD if you book it there, and $40 USD if you book your reservation online

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Footage of landing

3. Snorkeling – Having satisfied the thrill-seeking side of me, I decided to go snorkeling since I had such a great experience previously at Catalina Island. Being a lover of animals and the ocean, this is probably one of the best decisions I made. The water of the Santa Maria Bay felt so cool and nice against my skin in the hot Summer heat. Being able to see the beautiful corals and sea life up close was so amazing. What I loved most about Pez Gato Amazing Adventures was that they had the best snorkeling guide, Sancho, who made the trip the best. Sancho let us feed the fishes, and the fishes swarmed all around us. I loved that he seemed so passionate in what he does for a living, and personally knew the fishes around us. Sancho dove deep into the ocean to find sea snails, and swim with the fishes. He even found a little pufferfish for us to gently hold. I brought my own full face mask so I could breathe freely through my nose, and have a full view of what’s in front of me. This excursion took about 4 hours total, and included an amazing lunch, and an open bar on international waters. This is a definite win for me. We also had the option to paddle-board, which I found to be really hard since I was terrible at balancing but am glad that I had the opportunity to try it out. I loved that Pez Gato took such good care of us, and was so thoughtful in every aspect. The crew was so friendly, and I had such a great experience. The crew really knew how to have a good time, and I would join them again in a heartbeat. Props to the management of Pez Gato, Abel for making this all possible, Sancho for being so good at what he does, and the crew for making this an unforgettable experience.
Company: Pez Gato Amazing Adventures
$75 if you book your reservation online, and well worth every penny.

Gently holding this little animal and melting as it looks right at me.

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These fish were hungry, and even nips at you if you have food in your hand that you don’t release fast enough.

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Sancho diving down as the fishes follow him.

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Paddle boarding


Currency: All shops and stores accepted US dollar or credit card.

Transportation: From Cabo San Lucas International Airport, I reserved a Supershuttle to get to the resort for $20, instead of a $70 cab ride. Duration of ride was about 45 minutes, and these drivers haul ass.
Private shuttles are everywhere. Fares range anywhere from $2 USD to $4 USD per person depending on how large your group is. Some drivers will agree to an amount, and try to charge you more after the fact, saying that the agreed upon amount is to a different location even if it’s 50 feet away. I suggest confirming the location and price before getting on, handing over the agreed amount after the ride, and just walking away if they try to change any of the terms.

Food: Tacos, all day, everyday.
Recommend: Tacos Guss and El Paisa (both in the downtown area of Cabo San Lucas). Guacamole is amazeballs.

What to bring on your trip: (Click photograph to purchase from Amazon)

1. Medication for motion sickness

These boats are fairly smooth and not bad at all, but being really prone to motion sickness, I definitely needed it.

2. GoPro stick

I was so afraid to drop my camera, but I found that using the go pro stick made it so much easier for me to capture close ups of sea life, and it was definitely exciting to be able to relive these moments after. I used it for both in the air and in the ocean, and not once did I feel unsafe with the wrist tether handle that came with it.

3. Full face snorkel mask

180 degree view, without having to breathe with my mouth.

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